30 days of me – #8

08 – a photo that makes you angry/sad

i still miss her every single day.  she was the greatest cat ever.



happy anniversary empire

in honor of today’s 30 anniversary release of the empire strikes back, i present this oldy (but goody via alex):

30 days of me – #7

07)  a photo that makes me happy

i can’t even fathom what life was like before miss lucy liu who came into it.  pup, you freakin’ rock.

30 days of me – #6

06 – whatever tickles my fancy.

this song + video tickles my fancy pretty much constantly.  it’s the fan / group made video for wendy & lisa’s salt & cherries (mc5) track of their most recent album.

“….hey hey, i gotta hear you say, you want it just like before, i put the music of the mc5 on while i’m knockin on your door…”

i wanna be a fancy lesbian!

deman eb ton dluohs oho eh ot siht gnivig reve dnicser yllaiciffo i

30 days of me – #5

my favorite quote is from the I CHING:

translated, it means:

“before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos.  before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd.”

i even have it tattooed on my leg:

30 days of me – #4

my favorite book.

i have two, one classic & one modern.

first the classic:  to kill a mockingbird by harper lee.

harper lee created a dense, deeply moving book that ruminates on race, culture, class & courage in a way that was as radical in 1960 as indeed it is today.  she created characters that struggled and fought against long held ideals all the while holding a mirror up to the reader.  it’s not a comfortable read, nor should it be – but it’s a book that stays with you long after the last page.  like the mockingbird in the title (the symbol of moral center to the story), the book is ultimately about the death of naive innocence.  it’s a path that everyone must take in moving from childhood to adolescence – in order to evolve you learn to question beliefs that have been foisted on you by society, peers & parents while stepping out on your own and learning what is right to you you, abiding by your moral compass.  this book was for me the blueprint for my own adolescence & in harper lee’s words, it helped me to find my own.

and now the modern; lamb, the gospel according to biff, christ’s childhood palby christopher moore

i can already hear the bible bangers shouting blasphemy (without even having read the book).  sure, the title is alarming (to some), but i dare anyone to actually read the book and not come away at least kinda going “ok, yea, i could see that happening”.

christopher moore landed on writing this insane biblical tome by wondering – what happened during those 30 years of jesus’ life that are missing from the bible.  he couldn’t find the answer, so he wrote his own “history”.  in the book, jesus is completely unaware how to go about being the son of god and all, so he and his pal levi bar alphaeus who is called biff go on an amazing trip around the world learning from “the wise men” (while also trying to figure out what really is so great about original sin).

what i love about this book is that, while being quite respectful and reverential to the source material (there was sex in the bible too people!), moore makes the argument that all the major religions of the world are more similar than they are at conflict (and yea, he pokes fun at the religions too – pointing out we all take this stuff way to seriously for our own damn good).  something i’ve believed for a long time.  if you look at the major concepts of the christian, muslim, jewish and buddhist faiths – their major teachings are all pretty much the same.  jesus’ journey (along with biff) informs the very teachings that he would go on to expouse as teacher, messiah & god.  yes the book is sarcastic, juvenile & a bit on the raunchy side, but isn’t the world too?  we are just a reflection of those aspects – we all have them (even if you don’t want to admit it).  (you also get to learn why jews eat chinese food on christmas, and how rabbits became associated with easter).  all through very witty, comical prose that makes you think as much as it makes you laugh.

tomorrow, my favorite quote.

30 days of me – #3

03 – my favorite television program

again, i need criteria here people – this meme is horribly vague.  ok, with that said… my favorite television program could be sports night, star trek; the next generation (or voyager), true blood, entourage, gilmore girls or even tiny toon adventures (side bar; is that on dvd yet?)

and yea, i do really love all of those shows for various reasons, but there’s one head and sholders above the rest:

firefly bitches!  firefly!

firefly was a western set in space created by joss wheadon, the guy behind buffy the vampire slayer.  it followed the motley crew of a broken down ship (firefly class, named ‘serenity’) on the edge of space trying to eek out a living (sometimes on the wrong side of the law).  the cast was nothing short of spectacular and the writing was always surprising and interesting.

the series aired for just 11 episodes before fox tv (in its infinite wisdom) cancelled the show.  let me be very clear, the ratings were not the shows fault – come on, it aired on friday nights (wasteland in tv talk).  fox just never knew how to market it.

to this day it’s my go-to show when i want to just veg out and get transported to another world.

i ❤ firefly.  i really do.

tomorrow, my favorite book.