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30 days of me… oh fuck it.

like i care.


vodka has 40% alcohol by volume…. and other fun facts.

  • in the year 40, caligula embarked on a campaign to conquer britan.  he failed.
  • 40 is the atomic number of zirconium
  • the fahrenheit and celsius scales correspond at –40
  • the israelites wandred in the wilderness for 40 years
  • 40 is the number of days the dead are mourned in muslim cultures
  • the quran says that a person is only fully grown when they reach 40 years old
  • to understand a people, you must live among them for 40 days – arabic proverb
  • 40 is the international direct dial code to romania
  • middle age begins at 40 in most cultures

40 is also how old i am today.

happy birthday me!  bring on the middle age.  now where is my cupcake???

gives me hope for the world

when love goes wrong

simple resolution’s

stolen from blair’s corner – but what i want just the same.

eat a little less, move a little more
spend a little less, save a little more
cry a little less, laugh a little more
complain a little less, act a little more
dislike a little less, love a little more

farewell 2009, hello 2010

courtesy of my friend yves over at melodramatic diary of a cynic.  it’s a brilliant review of the year.  enjoy: