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if its june, it must be time for pride

ok, this isn’t one of those standard gay posts that features pics of hot sportsmen.

ok, well i guess it is on the basis that i just posted a pic welsh rugby star gareth thomas.

but the post won’t be about his hotness (which is evident).  the post is about the fact that gareth is the only openly gay man on any team sport in the world.

let that sink in.

only openly gay man on any team sport in the world.

it’s 2010 – that concept is just simply amazing to me.

as it’s june, which means gay pride – i found myself considering the enormity of thomas coming out in the uber macho sports world.

on the surface, it would appear that the big picture battle has been won.  after all, we’re here, we’re queer – arn’t you used to it yet?  but all is not quite perfect yet is it?  everyday we are bombarded with news & blog posts about gay equality/marriage/benefits/don’t ask don’t tell/etc…. and don’t get me wrong, those are important concepts that need to be addressed and resolved sooner rather than later.  but in 2010, it’s not just about that.  it’s still (regrettably) about the ability for men and women to live their life openly and honestly.

when teen’s are (still) getting kicked out of their houses for being gay, when the proud men and women fighting two wars for this country can’t be themselves, when people are forced to remain in the closet to keep the job they need – we’ve not come nearly as far as i think we’ve had.

when (if) i go to the park tomorrow to be inundated with the more commercial aspects of being gay, or to the parade to stand as the P/FLAG group walks by – i will be reminded that it’s still a luxury in 2010 to be openly gay anywhere, let alone major league sports.  i will also be reminded of the importance of being authentically me.  and in order to be authentic, i can’t hide (or more to the point lessen to avoid the difficult conversation) who i am to the people in my life – either day-t0-day, or tangentially.

there’s power in coming out.  there’s power in being honest.  there’s power in living your life authentically.

when your a fraud and you’ve reached the  age of 35, and you realize that every friend you’ve ever had in life, every relationship you’ve ever had in your life, every hug off your mother, every hug off your nan, every person that’s ever touched your life – you’ve been a fraud too and you’ve lied too, what a complete waste of a life…. i questioned my existence as to why i should be here, why i should i be here and exist and suck the air out of the universe when somebody else who could live a life and be truthful to the world could take my place. – gareth thomas, 2010

gareth thomas is a hero.  plain and simple.  so are his teammates and league (they rallied around him after the announcement).   and i applaud him for making the decision to change the world and live authentically.  happy glbt pride mr. thomas.  and happy glbt pride to all my friends around the world living their lives honestly and fully.  you amaze me and inspire me.


yea. what she said:

the joy of apartment living

note: the following post should be prefaced with a big fat “allegedly” – it’s hearsay & gut instinct.

so two doors down lives this guy, his girlfriend and her 2 daughters (under 5 easily, and from the building rumor mill – from different fathers, well at least one is, she’s bi-racial).  let’s call him tap-out (reason being will be clear shortly).

tap-out is about 5’10, 225, shaved head &  inked up with tribal half sleeves – the very definition of a brick shit-house build.  i think the first time @cwboldt saw him he literally popped wood, became a babbling idiot & tripped over his tongue (truth be told, i might have had a lil’ tingle too).  it doesn’t hurt that his wardrobe consists mainly of white muscle t’s (sorry, i refuse to call anything a “wife-beater”; even if it is probably apprapos to the story).  oh he also seems to live in sweatpants.  specifically “tap-out” sweatpants.  (classy stuff, if you’re not familer with tap-out, you should google ’em.  classy stuff indeed).

i will say as hot as he theoretically is, he’s creepy as fuck.  likes to stare at guys & assert his (small penis alert) dominance in the elevator’s and around the building.

so a few weeks back, i heard a fight out in the hall – i didn’t think much of it, other than thinking that i didn’t want to get involved (lover not a fighter after-all).   about a half hour later, puppy-pee’s-a-lot had to go out so i bundled up took lucy across the street & came back to two cops in my loft! side-note; trust me, it wasn’t nearly the porn fantasy come to life you would have thought it.  it’s kinda freaky to come back to cops in your space. now when i take lucy for a walk, i rarely lock the door – we just go across the street so when the cops knocked and the door popped open they let themselves in to (in their words) “make sure someone wasn’t dead in a corner”.  someone in the building told them the fight came from my unit and they wanted to know where “the other guy was”.  after i assured them i was alone and that i heard the fight and suggested they check out the unit two doors down, they were on their way.

fast forward to just after christmas, i was walking lucy as my one door down neighbor (with the preppy-hot boyfriend) was coming in with her two dogs. we had a lil’ dog party in the hall where i heard all sorts of fun stuff about tap-out guy.  apparently, the fight was between tap-out & preppy-hot bf.  important to note, preppy-hot is maybe 165.  not quite a fair fight with a brick shithouse.  tap-out came out of his unit, pounded on preppy’s unit & accused him of something, then grabbed him, threw him against the wall, punched him and went on and on about some delusion (apparently he was way drunk).   the story continues that tap-out has threatened my neighbors with “i could shoot you through the walls” (yup, he has a gun collection) and that next time he will use his brass knuckles (which he caries with him always).  good times.

other fun facts:

  • i once overheard tap-out & his gf… she was pissed because he either actually did, or just threatened to throw her cat down the garbage shoot
  • i’ve been told that he chased a black kid in front of the building down the street
  • he loves the death metal & loves to play it at floor rumbling levels (which is something when you consider our floors are concrete & quite sound proof)
  • tap-outs gf apparently is a bit of a cutter.  you know the kind, they cut themselves to relieve the pressure & pain of their lives.  can you blame her really?

three words.  remember the kids. there are two small girls involved in all of this.

guys don’t usually intimidate me, i’m not exactly a lil’ guy & i could take care of myself if need be – but i don’t mind telling you that if i know their around, lucy & i give them a wide berth.   i think i could talk myself out of most any situation, but you just can’t talk with fucking-crazy.

rumor has it they’re are moving to wisconsin sometime in march.  personally, i think wisconsin in the dead of winter is a lovely lovely place and they should consider moving now.