ok, this isn’t one of those standard gay posts that features pics of hot sportsmen.

ok, well i guess it is on the basis that i just posted a pic welsh rugby star gareth thomas.

but the post won’t be about his hotness (which is evident).  the post is about the fact that gareth is the only openly gay man on any team sport in the world.

let that sink in.

only openly gay man on any team sport in the world.

it’s 2010 – that concept is just simply amazing to me.

as it’s june, which means gay pride – i found myself considering the enormity of thomas coming out in the uber macho sports world.

on the surface, it would appear that the big picture battle has been won.  after all, we’re here, we’re queer – arn’t you used to it yet?  but all is not quite perfect yet is it?  everyday we are bombarded with news & blog posts about gay equality/marriage/benefits/don’t ask don’t tell/etc…. and don’t get me wrong, those are important concepts that need to be addressed and resolved sooner rather than later.  but in 2010, it’s not just about that.  it’s still (regrettably) about the ability for men and women to live their life openly and honestly.

when teen’s are (still) getting kicked out of their houses for being gay, when the proud men and women fighting two wars for this country can’t be themselves, when people are forced to remain in the closet to keep the job they need – we’ve not come nearly as far as i think we’ve had.

when (if) i go to the park tomorrow to be inundated with the more commercial aspects of being gay, or to the parade to stand as the P/FLAG group walks by – i will be reminded that it’s still a luxury in 2010 to be openly gay anywhere, let alone major league sports.  i will also be reminded of the importance of being authentically me.  and in order to be authentic, i can’t hide (or more to the point lessen to avoid the difficult conversation) who i am to the people in my life – either day-t0-day, or tangentially.

there’s power in coming out.  there’s power in being honest.  there’s power in living your life authentically.

when your a fraud and you’ve reached the  age of 35, and you realize that every friend you’ve ever had in life, every relationship you’ve ever had in your life, every hug off your mother, every hug off your nan, every person that’s ever touched your life – you’ve been a fraud too and you’ve lied too, what a complete waste of a life…. i questioned my existence as to why i should be here, why i should i be here and exist and suck the air out of the universe when somebody else who could live a life and be truthful to the world could take my place. – gareth thomas, 2010

gareth thomas is a hero.  plain and simple.  so are his teammates and league (they rallied around him after the announcement).   and i applaud him for making the decision to change the world and live authentically.  happy glbt pride mr. thomas.  and happy glbt pride to all my friends around the world living their lives honestly and fully.  you amaze me and inspire me.