ok, so i forgot to do this yesterday… sue me.

12) something that tickles your fancy:

i am, a huge opus (of bloom county & outland fame) fan.  so much so that i frequently think of tattoo’ing him somewhere on my body (which is odd, cause i fundamentally hate cartoon ink, but opus is different – in my version, he will have headphones on and will be rocking a broomstick guitar)… he’s pretty much my sensibility to a “t”; political, raunchy, innocent, playful & thought provoking (often at the same time).  i was cleaning out a file drawer at work the other day and i had a smattering of old opus strips in the file.  i spent a good half hour re-reading them all and missing that lil’ fuker tremendously.

to this day, all these many years later, he still tickles my fancy.  political, rauncy, innocennt, playful & thought-provoking (often all at the same time), there never was a strip like bloom county.

opus is dead.  long live opus.

13) a fictional book.

i have no bloody idea what this means or what i’m supposed to put here, so i’m gonna punt.  more opus: