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30 days of me – #’s 14 & 15

#’s 14 & 15

ok, seriously, who the fuck came up with these?  #14 – a non-fiction book, #15 – fanfic.  whatever.  these are stupid.

i’lll continue with this tomorrow.  in the meantime, i took some pics of me in my new underwear…., but i’m thinking i shouldn’t post them here.  hehehe.  lol j/k

unrelated, i hate holiday weekends,  i’m just sayin.  i hate being alone on holiday weekends.  it’s gonna be  a true blood night i think.


30 days of me – twofer, #’s 12 & 13

ok, so i forgot to do this yesterday… sue me.

12) something that tickles your fancy:

i am, a huge opus (of bloom county & outland fame) fan.  so much so that i frequently think of tattoo’ing him somewhere on my body (which is odd, cause i fundamentally hate cartoon ink, but opus is different – in my version, he will have headphones on and will be rocking a broomstick guitar)… he’s pretty much my sensibility to a “t”; political, raunchy, innocent, playful & thought provoking (often at the same time).  i was cleaning out a file drawer at work the other day and i had a smattering of old opus strips in the file.  i spent a good half hour re-reading them all and missing that lil’ fuker tremendously.

to this day, all these many years later, he still tickles my fancy.  political, rauncy, innocennt, playful & thought-provoking (often all at the same time), there never was a strip like bloom county.

opus is dead.  long live opus.

13) a fictional book.

i have no bloody idea what this means or what i’m supposed to put here, so i’m gonna punt.  more opus:

30 days of me – #11

11) a current pic of me.

tomorrow, whatever tickles my fancy

30 days of me – #10

10- a pic of me that’s 10 years old.

this pic was taken august 2000 (so technically speaking, it’s not quite 10 years old – but it’s on of the rare pics from back in the day that i have electronically).  i’m standing outside of fairbanks alaska in front of that ginormous environmental accident waiting to happen known as the trans-alaska pipeline system.

oh, and making the pic black n’ white, makes it arty 🙂

tomorrow, a photo of me taken recently.

30 days of me – #9

09) a photo i took

i took this pic in milan in 2007 – i walked by this building every day for a week with no knowledge of the ‘i could be yours…’ neon; only when walking back to the hotel at about 1am did i see it lit up.  i really dig this pic, i have no idea what it means, or why it’s there – but i love the sentiment.

tomorrow a pic of me that’s 10 years old.

30 days of me – #8

08 – a photo that makes you angry/sad

i still miss her every single day.  she was the greatest cat ever.


happy anniversary empire

in honor of today’s 30 anniversary release of the empire strikes back, i present this oldy (but goody via alex):