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now wasn’t that great?

i’m feeling kinda retro…. as big of a punk/alternative kind of guy i am, a great big pop song can always grab my attention. i used to throw this in the middle of my alternative music show on the radio just to see if people were paying attention. now wasn’t that great? see!


dear universe

please make ben lawson mine.  or at least make me look like ben lawson.

me: circa 1988/89

beefy hunk du jour (the 57-years later, hollywood classic edition)

a) it’s from one of the most brilliant movies in the history of movies gentlemen prefer blonds

b) it stars the amazing jane russell

c) the beefy hunks.  can we just talk about the beefy hunks?!?!

beefy hunk du jour

i have featured this guy a few years ago, and normally i wouldn’t re-post something – but this guy is just too good to pass up:

ack. someone stop lady gaga!

lady gaga and nathan ferraro have covered the peter gabriel/kate bush classic don’t give up.  ack!  thank god they thought better of it and didn’t release it.  some things are just too perfect.  don’t give up is one.

read more at towleroad.

here’s the original for your listening pleasure (also a great reminder of the brilliance of a simple video concept – sometimes simple is better):

beefy hunk du jour: adam faust