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2009; in review – the music – continued….

so the other day i posted a review of my favorite album of the year; the yeah yeah yeahs’ it’s blitz!.  it’s  a killer recording, but there are some other notable songs that came out this year and they deserve a blurb or two as well.  is this the best of the best?  probably not, but it’s what i jammed too this year.  i present 2009; in review – the tracks:

drown in the nowthe crystal method featuring matisyahu

  • marked by a bigger (if that is even possible) sound & featuring organic sounds including live drums, the songs on the 4th crystal method album divided by night are big, dark & deeply funky electro grooves.  matisyahu brings his jewish reggae flavor to the track and propels it via a killer groove.  diehard tcm fans are divided on the album (and the song), but i for one always appreciate when electronic acts add organic live sounds.  it doesn’t always work, but tcm pull it off here in a big big way.

stone cold soberpaloma faith

  • i first talked about paloma here when i received her disk (and many more) from my friend scott.  i’m still blown away by her voice and the groove she creates here.  yes, i said she was derivative of amy winehouse’s classic r&b sound – but that’s just in style only.  the accomplishment of stone cold sober far surpasses amy’s canon.  from the swelling horns to the simple piano melody – the vamp of stone cold sober shines high.  i still need to find this on actual cd… import shops here i come.

bad romancelady gaga

  • the song that converted me. completely hummable.  completely joyful song.  bitch.  i maintain that lady gaga is a distilled version of moloko’s roisen murphy (the american version at that).  but i gotta give it to her – this song rocks.  tho’ i can honestly say i haven’t a clue what the hell she’s singing about.  i’ve gone back and listened to the fame & the fame monster – i can’t say i’m quite the fan the rest of the world is – but there’s something here.  it’ll be interesting to see how she evolves.  (and i still think she’s trying to hard).

bust your windowcast of ‘glee’ / amber riley (honorable mention to defying gravity – but that was way to obvious)

  • ok kids, it should come as no suprise that i **love** glee.  and i love black diva’s.  and i love underdogs.  i was only slightly familiar with jazmine sullivan’s original, and with respect to her – amber just fucking blows the roof off the joint with her version of the tune.   she’s also my favorite female character on the show.  when this tune comes on in the car – i can assure you i am singing it as a duet with amber and nailing it (at least in my head).

tigerlilyla roux

  • pure synth pop bliss.  it’s as if 1983 never left.  la roux is most certainly the spawn of the eurythmics & yaz.  and what brilliant spawn they  are.  “…i know you better than this / i could be here when you call / i’ll make you top of the list / And in the crush of the dark / I’ll be your light in the mist / i can see you burning with desire for a kiss…”

game overv.v. brown

  • ok, this is the shit.  the funk.  the beat.  the energy.  when i discovered vv (via scott again), i think i about fell over.  her stuff is great big dramatic pop r&b.  “…oh no, you’ve got me in a headlock..

dance 4 meprince

  • yes kids, a prince song.  been a long time since one of these have been on my end of year lists.  so 2007 brought us 3 prince albums (lotus flow3r, MPLSound & elixer)….for more of my thoughts on the 3 disks go heredance 4 me is off his funky MPLSound disk – it’s a slice of vintage prince minimalistic funk.  it’s groove is deep and harkens back to the heydays of dirty mind & 1999.  the lil’ bastard still has it in him.  just wish he’s show it more often.  funky congregation indeed!


  • this song blew me away this year.  hard.  edgy.  huge.  and let’s not forget that amazing keyboard line (hmmm, dr. who?).  rock n’ roll ain’t dead ya’ll.

difficult for weirdosrobbie williams

  • i’m reasonably assured this track will appear on nobody else’s lists – they will no doubt focus on bodies or you know me – both of which are great songs.  but for me, it’s all about wierdos – i like quirky songs with quirky lyrics & electro-funk.  this tune has all of that + more (hello soaring string section) – can anyone say kitchen sink?  robbie’s voice sounds awesome & the production is excellent.

listen to the darksidecharlie mars

  • a simple song with a beautiful melody (and hammond b-3 organ, i love me some hammond).  classic rock done in a modern way.  amazing. “…if you wanna come over, come over & get high /  we can listen to the darkside of the moon…”

billionairepeaches featuring shunda k.

  • electro sleaze never sounded so wonderful. “...fuck you like a billionaire / ooh billionaire love affair take you there / i’m a take you there…”



most annoyingly hummable/stick straight in your head song of the year:

i gotta feeling black eyed peas

  • is there a more inane song that was released this year?  we played the fuck out of this at a work event this year.  if i never hear it again, it’ll be too soon.  but the kicker is, when i do hear it, i find my head bobbing and toe’s tapping.  and i’m still singing it hours later.  motherfucker.

beefy hunk du jour: black & white edition

courtesy of kevin over at the lisp:

farewell 2009, hello 2010

courtesy of my friend yves over at melodramatic diary of a cynic.  it’s a brilliant review of the year.  enjoy:

beefy hunk du jour: howie long

just cause:

2009; in review – the music.

back in november kevin from the lisp asked me (and others) for our favorite music of the year – i put together the below expressly for him, though my feelings on the matter haven’t changed so i’m reposting it here.


2009; the year of the blitz! or, more appropriately its blitz!

in looking back over the course of 2009 at both the new music that i bought, and a list of most all of the stuff that actually came out, i’m left with a bit of a question mark. what really was the musical story of 2009? sure there was some interesting things, the new peaches comes to mind. as does parts of lotus flow3r from prince, and of course there’s the new robbie williams that just came out (never-mind that i haven’t even given the new u2 a listen…) – most of the ‘established’ acts weren’t really doing anything new or for that matter interesting. yes, i love the new robbie, but is it for the music, or for the energy he puts out?

what about the “the” new music i hear yo uask…well, lets just say i’ve been burned too many times to actively seek out the new voices. i mean, you can only be disappointed so many times, right? sure, there are some fun new voices; la roux & paloma faith come to mind. but aren’t they just interesting retreads of iconic sounds (yaz & amy winehouse respectively)? 2009 will go down in the books as being “eh”.   tho’ i must admit, i have high hopes for some of these new acts.

there has been one record that has consistently ripped me up all year long tho’; yeah yeah yeah’sit’s blitz!. i can’t remember the last time a known band so radically changed its sound (from wall of guitars, to wall of keyboards) – and changed it so deftly.

from the opening burbles of “zero” to the closing drone of “faces”, it’s blitz! proved a commanding understanding of what makes alternative pop work – shear force of will matched with the balls to throw something up to see if it sticks. of course, huge swaths of the album remind you of the brilliance of siouxsie & the banshees from back in the day (but i think that is more of a common thread in all of the yyy’s music due to karen o’s tremendous scream), and the album certainly shows a healthy respect for the 80’s as well – but this album is full of sneer, attitude and full-one fury. it sounds like the dark, wet streets of new york at 3am. you’re either coming from the party, or going to the next party.

less disco than the reviews would have you believe – this is a full on rock record that simple exchanged the guitar for the keyboard. or perhaps it’s disco via a unholy union of new order & blondie. karen & co are simply rockers that know how to dance and throw one helluva party.

now, you didn’t ask for a dissertation on my favorite album, so i will try to whittle this down to my love of one or two tracks (brief was never my strong suit) – but i’m so torn. do i talk about the craze of ‘heads will roll’, the somber tone-poem of ‘runaway’ or the shiny electro/funk of ‘dragon queen’? dance till you’re dead, indeed.

heads will roll:


dragon queen:

hi there.

first rule of blogging – don’t change your blog addresses frequently.  well i fucked that rule up about 3 blogs ago, so there’s that.

so then, no grand pronouncements other than glad you found my new home.

cb is saying to himself  “god, he’s changed it again”, but this time it’s without much fanfare.  i’ll just say this, i fully need 2009 to take a big jump off a steep cliff and plummet to it’s death.  so with that goes my old blog and my self-editing myself (which i did greatly on the old blog – new rule; never alter who you are for who you date) and truth-be-told, i miss blogging – and i just wasn’t doing enough of it.  tho’ the thing is – this time, i need to do it for myself and myself alone.  which means more posts about sex (ooh, scandal), men in all their glory, politics, music, puppies (hi lucy!) and probably a bit about prince.   hopefully people will find me, but if not – ok, that’s life.

lets start the ball rolling with an old fan favorite; beefy hunk du jour!  grab a tasty beverage, sit back, enjoy and grab your…..

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look of fear or anticipation?

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